Supplemena Private Label Program

Our Private Label Program was created to help you create your own product, or range of products, without the usual barriers-to-entry, such as 1) large minimum quantities 2) No access to design resources for branding 3) No access to US & European supplement manufacturers 4) 90-day production timeline, inhibiting cash flow. We also aim to help you monetize your own hard work, by leveraging your own local brand, online social profile or reputation as an expert; that you've worked hard to attain. So who's the program for?

Medical Professionals + Online Influencers
  • General practitioners
  • Medical professionals, e.g. gynecologists and/ or urologists
  • Nutrition experts, bloggers and online influencers
  • Personal trainers, life coaches, fitness bloggers and influencers
    Wholesalers + Retailers + Distributors
    • Online pharmacies or brick + mortar pharmacies
    • Supplement retailers, wholesalers and distributors
    • Fertility, nutrition and/ or wellness centers
    • Boutique gyms, yoga studios and fitness centers

    Program Highlights

    Financial Incentives
    • Low order minimums of 100-units
    • 2-week production schedule, from payment to shipping
    • Double your money! Retail at 50% - 100% of your wholesale price
    • Low shipping costs (100 units = approximately 10kg)
    • Free label design included for $2,000 orders upwards
    Brand Awareness Boost
    • Leverage your brand credibility with your own line of products
    • Remove international import headaches with low import quantities
    • All products made in the USA, in a GMP facility
    • High levels of purity, proven by Labdoor analysis
    • Non-GMO, Vegetarian and Vegan
    • Certificate of Analysis provided for all products

    Power to the People (and the Small Business!)

    Having your own branded products has never been easier than it is today. Why let the big brands, such as Amazon, eat up a share of the market, which should be yours! We believe that every small business or online influencer should benefit from their own hard work and provide their own customers the choice to buy their own branded product. 

    Design it With Your Own Brand (or We'll Create One For You)

    Work with our in-house design team to design labels based on your own brand identity. If you don't have one, we'll make you one.


    Transparent Catalogue Pricing

    See below for complete pricing of 275 SKU's. You can type any vitamin, mineral, amino acid into the Search Box, to easily find the products you're interested in:

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