To register your interest in distributing Supplemena® products, please contact us on  We currently have several incumbent distributors throughout the world, both exclusive & non-exclusive. However, if you’re interested in representing our brand within your territory, the starting point is this initial contact.  All new enquiries will be responded to within 48 hours.


What we Provide Exclusive Distributors

What can you expect, as a distributor of our products:

Comprehensive Marketing Support

Is what you can expect when working closely with Supplemena in your territory. From marketing brochures in English & your local language, to email and Website templates. With our success tied to yours, we do whatever we can to support your local sales efforts.

Promotional Pricing

Available, periodically for all international distributors, which we’ll communicate to you personally, whenever the opportunity arises.

Product Registration Support

Is something we do best. Because our team have experience in working with a number of global territories, including the Middle East, Asia and Africa, so we know that regulatory compliance is not always easy. Supplemena LLC makes sure you’re assisted with your local registration efforts in a speedy & effective manner.  Registration activities for non-commercial documents, include:

I. Notarization
II. Secretary of State Certification (New Orleans, LA and Delaware)
III. US State Department Certification (Washington, DC)
IV. Your Embassy or Consulate Legalization

Registration activities for commercial documents, include:

I. Notarization
II. US + Regional Territory Chamber of Commerce Certification
III. Your Embassy or Consulate Legalization

Preferential Treatment

Is provided to all exclusive Supplemena distributors. Investment in our distributors, like a principal would invest in their franchisees, is core to our business model. Several months ahead of new product launches, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to hit the ground running.

Preferred Distribution Channels

Supplemena LLC distributors  are comprised of:

  • Pharmacies (independents & chains)
  • Hospitals
  • Fertility Clinics
  • Urologists
  • Online dietary supplement retailers, dealers & wholesalers


Given the high resale value of Supplemena® products, we get inundated with requests for samples.  Therefore, we request that any party interested in distributing Supplemena® products, purchase one or more units, directly from our Website.  Be sure to make a note on your order that the airway bill will require “Commercial Samples” written on the description, to ensure no issues occur whilst receiving your samples.  All samples are shipped with DHL, delivered in 3-5 working days.

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