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Our family-run supplement brand, much like our products, is a cohesive mix of complementary expertise. Within our family unit we have a pharmacist, a health economist, a molecular biologist and an e-commerce & software specialist. We know how important nutrition is to achieving personal goals in one's life, and founded Supplemena with the mission of being the helping-hand many of us need, in 21st Century life.

Supplements for specific goals

Pregnancy, fertility, immunity and vitality

Today's world of commerce is rife with choice, and it’s not always easy to discern a good product from a not-so-good one. With supplements, this is perhaps even more difficult, when quality isn’t readily observable. That’s why we spend up to two years formulating a single product, for a specific application, and create every single one of our products based on what the evidence says works. Whether it be male fertility, preconception + prenatal support, immunity or vitality; we devise our own formulas to help you achieve your goals.

Robust regulatory framework

German-Made + Swiss Ingredients

Every single Supplemena product is manufactured under strict German GMP food regulations, where commerce comes second to consumer health & safety. We believe that consumers of supplements should have the same peace-of-mind, when consuming a supplement, as they do a drug, even though supplements aren’t subject to the same regulatory demands and clinical trials as drugs. We minimize these risks by including trademarked Swiss raw materials in the majority of our products, which are supported by randomized controlled trials and controlled clinical trials.

ONLY One sachet per day

There's no need for multiple different products, during both the preconception and prenatal phases. PregnaluX was formulated as one single daily sachet, for both preconception + prenatal nutritional demands. 

We have men covered too, with EROSMAS, formulated to support male fertility + endurance, also in one single daily sachet.

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