Our Affiliate Program

Does your website, place of business or social media profile attract couples trying to conceive? Are you involved in the fitness and wellbeing industry somehow, either as an influencer, blogger or boutique studio? If so, join the Supplemena Affiliate Program! Each time you direct a visitor to supplemena.com and they make a purchase within 30 days of their visit, you earn a 20% commission on that order. Just enter your email below to join and start sending out the link. It literally takes seconds. You can either link to our homepage or link directly to a product, or add one of our coupons or banners to your website, blog, or email promotion and start earning!

Suitable Affiliates

We have a diverse set of products, so our affiliates come in all shapes and sizes. Below you'll find a good guide based on our product range:

Leap Daily Supplement
  • Personal trainer
  • Fitness blogger or influencer
  • Life coach
  • Boutique gym, yoga studio, fitness center
  • Nutrition and wellness center
    Fertility Products
    • Pregnancy expert, blogger or influencer
    • Blog for aspiring mothers/ couples
    • Men's health magazine
    • Fertility, nutrition or wellness center

    Program Highlights

    • 20% Commission
    • 30-Day Cookie Duration!
    • $121 AOV i.e. $24 per purchase commission
    • 5%+ CR!
    • Direct product linking allowed
    • Monthly affiliate newsletters
    • Weekly & Monthly consumer promotions
    • Personalized creatives for your site

    20% Commission

    Market Supplemena to your audience and when a new user clicks your referral link and orders from Supplemena, you'll receive 20% of their total order value, with an average order value of $121. Link your PayPal account to get immediate payment, when a sale comes through.

    Create Your Own Network

    Your referral network grows with every new customer you bring, so you can earn money even when you party, travel or sleep, just by telling people about Supplemena.

    Join Immediately. Earn Immediately

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