Candidates for Male Fertility Supplements

Men have the luxury of being able to take a full seminogram, in order to get a full read on the quality of their sperm. Costing between $150 to $300 typically, if not covered by your insurance, a full sperm report, known as a seminogram (semen analysis) will tell you much more about your sperm. Home sperm tests which give you a single reading, which puts you above or below a threshold provide an indication, but when you have the luxury of having a full report at your disposal, why wouldn't you? Supplemena's fertility kit comes with the Dadi home sperm test, which allows you to collect the sample from the comfort of your own home, and have it FedEx'ed to a lab for a clinical-grade semen analysis. Majority of men with sub-optimal sperm are diagnosed with one of the below 3 conditions:

Asthenospermia/ Asthenozoospermia (Motility)

Also known as Asthenozoospermia. It's the medical term for reduced sperm motility and the most common form of infertility in men.

Oligospermia/ Oligozoospermia (Count)

Also referred to as Oligozoospermia. It refers to semen with a low concentration of sperm and is a common finding in male infertility.

Teratospermia/ Teratozoospermia (Morphology)

Also known as Teratozoospermia. It's a condition characterised by the presence of sperm with abnormal morphology that affects fertility in males.

Supplemena Fertilmas Vs Supplemena EROSMAS

Fertilmas & EROSMAS have both been formulated to support normal levels of male fertility. But typically, we'd recommend EROSMAS over Fertilmas, for men with:

  • Infertility accompanied with insufficient endurance 
  • Infertility accompanied with diabetes type 1 & 2
  • Infertility with LDL & HDL (abnormal cholesterol levels)